Oscar-winning Director Kathryn Bigelow Receives Honorary Doctorate Degree from San Francisco Art Institute

Academy-Award winning director Kathryn Bigelow will receive a Doctor of Fine Arts degree from the San Francisco Art Institute (SFAI). Bigelow, an alumnus of SFAI, is known for provocative, boundary-pushing work that has revolutionized her field.


Bigelow is the director of The Hurt Locker (winner of six 2008 Academy Awards including Best Director and Best Picture), Zero Dark Thirty (nominated for Best Picture at the 2012 Academy Awards), Near Dark, Point Break, Strange Days, and other films. Bigelow has also been awarded The Directors Guild of America Award, the BAFTA Award for Best Direction, and the Critics’ Choice Award for Best Director.


"Thank you for your incredible service.  I never had a chance to study for an academic degree when I was younger, and I always felt that this held me back in life.  This has finally leveled the playing field for me, and now I can hold my head up a little higher as I introduce myself as an honorary doctor.  Thanks again." 

-- Andrew M. Abel,

Dr. h.c. of Religious Economics (Brisbane, Australia)

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