Revive Your Faith This Year!

Want to Accomplish Your Goals and Resolutions This Year?  Start By Renewing Your Faith in Him!

Do you remember that moment when Jesus came into your life?  For many of you, it may have been a time of suffering or pain that led you to Him.  Whatever it was-divorce, depression, betrayal, stress, health problems-the memory of it probably pales in comparison to the intense joy and peace that you experienced at having found your Saviour.  

The moment that you discovered that the utmost meaning and purpose of your life was to serve your Lord is the moment that your chains were broken.  Chains of worry, loneliness, anger, jealousy, guilt, resentment--all broken by the promises made by our Lord to love us unconditionally and shower us with His amazing grace.  

Some of us are fortunate enough to have experienced this transformation in an instant, while others of us have had to work hard to develop our trust in Him.  And still others of us have yet to find Jesus.  Whatever your case may be, we hope that in this new year, your relationship with Him will be stronger and deeper than it has even been, and that through your faith in Him you will reach incredible new heights in your life!

Heard about YouVersion yet?

This incredible free Bible app brings God's word into your life every day! More than 300 million people have already installed this ad-free app on their phone or tablet, allowing them to access the Bible at any moment. A great feature of this app are the many Bible Plans that they offer, each around different themes that may interest you, and varying in the length of days.  Here are some of the plans that we recommend:

Meet Our Honorary Doctor of the Month

We are proud to award an Honorary Doctorate in Humanitarianism to Larry Clark, a resident of Baltimore, Maryland, who has helped people living with HIV/AIDS for over 35 years.  Larry's journey in humanitarianism began in New Jersey in July 1982, at a time when many people were becoming infected with this horrible disease, but we had no clear answers yet about its diagnosis or treatment.   

Larry felt a strong calling to help those who were not only suffering from the debilitating effects of the disease, but also the stigma and discrimination that they faced.  He received certification as a counselor and opened a facility to help this vulnerable population, and would go on to open many other facilities in the United States.  

Larry and his team are now planning to continue their important mission in Eastern Africa, where HIV is widespread and treatment and support are hard to come by.  We hope that with the help of our Lord, Larry will be able to bring much-needed care and hope to populations that are most in need.  Larry, we honor your spirit of giving!

"Thank you for your incredible service.  I never had a chance to study for an academic degree when I was younger, and I always felt that this held me back in life.  This has finally leveled the playing field for me, and now I can hold my head up a little higher as I introduce myself as an honorary doctor.  Thanks again." 

-- Andrew M. Abel,

Dr. h.c. of Religious Economics (Brisbane, Australia)

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