Have a Joyful Christmas!

Celebrate Our Mighty God, Who Was Born in a Lowly Manger

You have probably seen many nativity scenes during this Christmas season, but have you ever stopped to wonder why Jesus was born in a stable, of all places?  The one who would be called the "Prince of Peace, the Wonderful Counselor, Everlasting Father", was not born in a palace or in a castle, as fitting for a King. No, he was born in a very humble setting. But why would God choose such a birth for his one and only Son, you might ask.

The answer is simple and astounding at the same time. Jesus came to us as a helpless child born to humble parents, so that he can draw us near to God. He came to get to know us better, to understand our suffering, to feel our pain, to share in the human experience, so that we can know a God who is just like us.  Would a king born in a palace have understanding or compassion for the average person? Probably not. But Jesus lived as one of us, he was tempted as one of us, he was ridiculed, betrayed, misunderstood, falsely accused, persecuted, abandoned, beaten and tortured.  If you every need a Savior who has experienced every kind of suffering imaginable, you know whom to turn to.  This Christmas, let's celebrate the birth of our Savior, who loved us so much that he came to us as humbly as possible. 

Still Searching for the Perfect Gift?
Gift-giving is a time-honoured Christmas tradition that celebrates the magnificent gift that God gave to us through the birth of his son Jesus. But we all know that sometimes it can be hard to find the right gift for the people we love.  If you're still in need of a gift, here's an idea:  make a donation to a charity in the name of that person.  You can select a charity that supports a cause that's important to the person you're giving this gift to.  Click on the link below for some suggestions:

"Thank you for your incredible service.  I never had a chance to study for an academic degree when I was younger, and I always felt that this held me back in life.  This has finally leveled the playing field for me, and now I can hold my head up a little higher as I introduce myself as an honorary doctor.  Thanks again." 

-- Andrew M. Abel,

Dr. h.c. of Religious Economics (Brisbane, Australia)

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