Holding an Honorary Degree from LADC Institute

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You may ask yourself, "why would an organization award honorary degrees with few requirements?"  The answer is simple: our experience has shown that the vast majority of those who request honorary degrees from us have made great contributions in their communities by serving others and helping them lead better lives.  When you recognize their work and "honor" them with a prestigious award, they often feel redeemed and encouraged,  and are more likely to continue serving others and being a positive influence in their community.  


You do not have to pass any exams or attend any classes in order to be awarded an honorary master's or doctoral degree from LADC Institute. However, members of our community who hold honorary degrees are expected to uphold certain basic Christian values enshrined in our Articles of Faith. Some of these values are:

  • Respecting all people 
  • Acting with humility and honesty 
  • Living a moral life
  • Being generous with time and money
  • Forgiving others

These are just a few of the core principles that we strive to teach through our organization. Becoming an "Honorary Doctor" is a distinction that comes with the duty to steadfastly maintain these values yourself and encourage them in others around you. Your appointment, in essence, reflects your moral and intellectual character as an honorary doctor and is also a reflection of our entire community of members. 


"I just wanted to let you know that I received my documents safely today.  I'm delighted with the wording and the presentation, and want to send my warmest thanks to your organization for making this possible for me.  It is an encouragement to continue my work and study, and especially at this stage in my life, it is very meaningful.  Again, the certificate is impressive and the honour greatly welcomed."

S. Howard, Honorary Doctor of Metaphysics (Manchester, England)

"Thank you for your incredible service.  I never had a chance to study for an academic degree when I was younger, and I always felt that this held me back in life.  This has finally leveled the playing field for me, and now I can hold my head up a little higher as I introduce myself as an honorary doctor.  Thanks again." 

-- Andrew M. Abel,

Dr. h.c. of Religious Economics (Brisbane, Australia)

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