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Love BETTER this Valentine's Day!

On Valentine's day, we celebrate the greatest gift given to mankind by our Creator:  the capacity to love others deeply and unconditionally, the same way Jesus loves us each one of us!  Yet some of us don't know how to fully express or receive love, perhaps because we've been hurt by others in the past, or have been raised in homes where love wasn't freely given, or have been conditioned by our modern society to put our own needs first. To love profoundly is a skill that can be strengthened with practice and determination, and the Bible gives us some excellent tips for how to LOVE better:

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Revive Your Faith This Year!

Want to Accomplish Your Goals and Resolutions This Year?  Start By Renewing Your Faith in Him!

Do you remember that moment when Jesus came into your life?  For many of you, it may have been a time of suffering or pain that led you to Him.  Whatever it was-divorce, depression, betrayal, stress, health problems-the memory of it probably pales in comparison to the intense joy and peace that you experienced at having found your Saviour.  

The moment that you discovered that the utmost meaning and purpose of your life was to serve your Lord is the moment that your chains were broken.  Chains of worry, loneliness, anger, jealousy, guilt, resentment--all broken by the promises made by our Lord to love us unconditionally and shower us with His amazing grace.  

Some of us are fortunate enough to have experienced this transformation in an instant, while others of us have had to work hard to develop our trust in Him.  And still others of us have yet to find Jesus.  Whatever your case may be, we hope that in this new year, your relationship with Him will be stronger and deeper than it has even been, and that through your faith in Him you will reach incredible new heights in your life!

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Have a Blessed and Magical Christmas!

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Cultivating Gratitude This Thanksgiving!





The True Spirit of Labor Day

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